A Whooper Swan visits Killingworth Lake

On the 19th January 2013…

As the UK was covered in a blanket of snow and temperatures started to plummet below Zero, a Winter migrant from Iceland came to visit. A single Whooper Swan joined the dozens of Mute Swans at Killingworth Lake. This was easily distinguished from the Mute Swans by the large area of yellow on its bill, whilst the Mute Swans, have a large area of orange on theirs.




Most often Whooper Swans are seen at a distance and are not so approachable; however this individual didn’t seem to mind any company and was very relaxed. The occasional Mute Swan however did become just a little territorial but this is common amongst Mute Swans.

Whooper Swans are lovely to see and we were especially pleased to see this Whooper Swan, as there has not been very many around Newcastle and Northumberland this winter.