Alnwick Gardens

On the 30th June 2013…

Our visit to Alnwick Gardens was great, but I realized how little I knew about the names of plants and flowers. To identify a flower, you need a very good and comprehensive field guide, otherwise you can only identify plants using the traditional identification methods, which require the description of every single part of the plant before you get any clues about the Family or Genus. For instance, a very good website for identification based on anatomy is the Botanical Society of the British Isles.





We also learned a lot in our guided talk about poisonous plants. Did you know that Rhubarb leaves are so toxic that they can kill within 12 hours? Or Foxgloves? Apart from those surprises, I was more scared of the guider than the plants themselves.





The other highlights of our visit were the gorgeous fountains. I love water and playing with water, so to see so much water being spurted everywhere was a bit of pleasure. Specially on such a hot day!