Chillingham Castle

On the 22nd September 2013…

Our visit to Chillingham Castle was unforgettable.




The castle was originally a monastery in the late 12th century. In 1298, King Edward I stayed at the castle on his way to Scotland to battle a Scottish army led by William Wallace.  First, we stopped at the cafe, where we could see superb prehistoric elk horns, which were very close to a big and ancient fireplace. The place was so cosy that it was difficult to leave the cafe room after a hot meal. That specific room was used in one of the scenes of the film Elizabeth, with Cate Blanchett.




Chillingham Castle has also the reputation of being the most haunted Castle in Britain. I am sure I would like to participate of one of their Ghost Tours at some point. The castle dungeons and the torture chambers are also very scary, equipped with gruesome devices such as a stretching rack, cages, a bed of nails, a nailed barrel and a spiked chair.




The castle has also many beauties, like the Gardens and the very nicely furnished rooms. I am sure I will visit Chillingham Castle again.