Killingworth Lake continues to Impress

On the 14th February 2016…

Killingworth Lake has been particularly popular this winter with birders enjoying Smew, Scaup and Goosanders. Over recent years the site has developed enormously and now is home to a greater variety of birds. I really enjoy watching the Cormorants and Grey Herons which can regularly be seen enjoying the facilities.

As spring starts to appear on the horizon, many birds are starting to prepare for the coming breeding season. There are Mute Swans with their mighty territorial displays and passionate love heart embraces.





Goldeneyes with their equally artistic and dramatic courtship displays.



Life at Killingworth Lake is becoming so exciting, I can’t wait for my next visit especially as the Great Crested Grebes are arriving and it will not be long till the Common Terns can be heard announcing their arrival. Paul’s hoping for another Black Tern, but it was back in the early 90’s when he recorded his last at this site. He always makes an effort to watch for them, just in case.